Rachael Wilcox

Junior Dog Trainer

Rachael has always had a great love for all animals. It started when she took home her class pet hairless rat for the summer when she was in preschool. She has had all different kinds of pets, big and small, from fish to hamsters to cats to dogs. She also has ridden and taken care of horses since she was 6 years old.  Her dog training career started when her family adopted an 8 week old puppy, Tache, and she immediately started training him to do all sorts of fun tricks. He started developing some reactivity issues to other dogs and fear towards people. She started training him through positive reinforcement, and he made major improvements. This inspired her to help other dogs, so she became a dog trainer!

She is currently a student at Colorado State University in Fort Collins. She is a Sociology major with a focus in Criminology. She is interested in Investigation and K9 work.