Join our Puppy Socialization classes and Puppy Training Program at the Good Dog, DYNO Center! We create a safe environment for your puppy to learn proper socialization, with small group classes that are supervised by a trainer. Current age-appropriate vaccinations are required for your pup to participate!

Dog playing with a puppy

WIGGLE WAGGERS (8 – 20 weeks old)

FREE Puppy Socialization Classes. The socialization window for puppies is extremely short and is a critical time in their life! This class is designed for puppies 8 weeks-20 weeks and guided by a trainer. The focus is on proper socialization, play, and confidence building. Your dog will learn how to interact in a positive manner with all different kinds of puppies, and you will practice essential skills to help with puppy behaviors! Our dream: your pup attends this class 3x/week for optimal socialization.
Cost: Free
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RELEASE THE BEAST (8 weeks – 10 months old)

Puppy Training Course. This puppy training program is geared more toward teaching your dog HOW to learn in an environment with dogs, and getting them on the Canine Good Citizen track but still with an emphasis on puppy socialization and play. This 6-week course will be a “kindergarten” course of training in social learning and behavior.
Cost: $230 / 6-week course package
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