Meet DYNO – The Dog Behind the Name

DYNO is a 5 year old working-line German Shepherd Dog. When he was six months old, he began to develop dog-to-dog reactivity and displayed serious resource guarding issues. By 18 months, it became nearly impossible to walk him in the Denver Metro area, and this was when his training journey began. As a first time dog owner, Jonna spent a long time researching dog trainers who would not only understand the issues he was having, but also his breed and personality. It was important to her to find a trainer who would train with positive reinforcement and get to know DYNO as an individual, but also be effective in addressing the issues he was facing. 

DYNO’s journey is a familiar story to many dog owners. As trainers, we understand that families want to do everything that they can to help alleviate their dog’s issues, while keeping expectations realistic and a budget in mind. 

At Good Dog, DYNO, we are dedicated to helping find solutions for all situations, and we work hard to create customizable training programs for every dog. 

While DYNO is not perfect, he is a symbol of the progress that can be made with the right tools and training. Here at Good Dog, DYNO, we are dedicated to helping build better relationships between you and your dog, and start the lifelong conversation of enhanced communication. Let us help you bring you and your pup closer together!