Jonna Cammack

Certified Dog Trainer, Behavior Consultant – ABC-DT

Jonna has been an animal lover throughout life. Growing up with a border collie mix, who became their best friend, Jonna’s animal family has included cats, lizards, dogs, rats, and a ferret.

With a web and industrial design background, Jonna leverages their problem-solving skills in dog training. They are passionate about dog nutrition, canine enrichment, and relationship-focused training. Jonna, along with their German Shepherd Dyno, shares a favorite activity in hiking. In Jonna’s opinion, the most gratifying aspect of dog training is witnessing those enlightening moments when a dog accomplishes a goal and happily glances back at their human.

During leisure hours, Jonna enjoys pursuing activities like drawing, reading, engaging in strategy and role-playing games, and solving 3D puzzles. Jonna’s primary goal is to enhance the bond between pets and humans through empathy and education.