Dog working on 'paw' trick.


Private training offers 1-on-1 dog training with a certified professional trainer in the comfort of your own home, or via virtual sessions. 

Private sessions allow your dog to learn at their own pace in their own environment, and give you the hands-on tools and experience to be successful.

Evaluation Details

An Evaluation gives the trainer an opportunity to meet you and your pup, discuss history and goals, and come up with a training plan tailored to your needs. If you are unsure how many sessions to start with, an Evaluation is also a great way to start the conversation and training process!

The Types of Sessions

Standard Vs. Behavior Modification
A standard training session teaches a brand new behavior, whereas behavior modification works on modifying an existing behavior by changing it or making it better.


1 Hour Evaluation: $115 / hour
In-Person / Standard Cost: $145 / hour
Virtual / Standard Cost: $110 / hour

Virtual / Behavior Modification Cost: $125 / hour
In-Person / Behavior Modification Cost: $160 / hour

Discounts available for rescue dogs, veterans and individuals 65+Discounts cannot be combined.